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Contest Of The Cuties In Honor Of Camden Lee!

On Thursday 8/15/13  my mom shared a story with me of a young woman just a year older than Alyssa and I (Kaitlyn).   She’s a single expecting mother named Katie.  She’s expecting a  VERY special baby boy who is going to be born without legs and only his upper arms.   

She writes this one her Facebook page:


 I am trying to raise money for my baby boy’s medical expenses, I am on Tricare and the moment he is born it will not cover him at all, so I don’t know what expenses I will have with him being high-risk and disabled. I am also trying to raise money for Camden’s prosthetic arms, as they cost thousands and thousands of dollars and any other items for his use. I want to go ahead and thank everyone in advance for any donations made!! It means so much to me, and for what has already been donated, I am speechless. I feel truly blessed!!”


Alyssa and I really want to help Katie and her son, Camden Lee.     If you know yon know anything about the two of us girls you know that we love children with special needs and disabilities.  This is our opportunity to help bless precious little Camden and his mom!

We’re going to support Katie and Camden 100 percent!


So in honor of Camden we’re opening a very special PHOTO CONTEST!! 

Here’s some helpful information on how you can enter your little guy or gal:

Q: Who can enter? 

A: We’re looking for ALL AGES photos of your friend, family member etc. with a special need!  


Q:How much does it cost?

Entry is $10 and you can have up to 3 photos(One photo per child.) !  However, you can enter more photo’s with a $5 charge.    


Q: How does it work?  

We’ll post all of the photos onto our Facebook page, which ever photo get’s the most “LIKES” (Thumbs up) will win! 


Q: What’s the prize? 

The winner of the photo contest will be the shining  facebook cover (made into a fitting banner, of course!) of our page!  And the parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or whoever you may like will get a custom made banner of that special photo JUST FOR THEIR FACEBOOK COVER! :)  


Q: How long will the contest last? 

We’re thinking about a week in a half.  But look on our Facebook for updates and details. :) 

After you donate (enter)…

SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO US @  ChosentToBless@hotmail.com 

* When you send us your entry please tell us the names of the person (or people) in the photo.  Also give us a little information  about main person in the photo.  For example, their favorite hobby, sport, food, tv show, what they enjoy doing.  Just simple things. :)


*All of the money from this contest WILL BE DONATED TO KATIE AND CAMDEN*  

So please please enter and share share share this fundraiser!!  We would love to get as much money raised for them as possible!!


You can also visit Katie’s Facebook page by clicking here!  :) 


Thanks for reading!



            Kaitlyn & Alyssa 


Reece’s Rainbow | Asian Love

Tonight I’m here to show you some very special and super adorable Asian orphans.   Inspired by the TLC’s show “The Little Couple” .   I (Kaitlyn) am a HUGE fan of that show!  I’ve had a blast watching their adoption journey.  The couple both have dwarfism and adopted a boy from China who also has dwarfism.  He’s is absolutely precious!  I feel like the couple really have inspired families and other couples to adopt.   Their adopted, one and only son, is named William but they call him Will.  William’s cuteness inspired me to get online tonight and write a post spotlighting orphans listed on Reece’s Rainbow.    (You can watch “The Little Couple on TLC on Tuesday @ 10 P.M. east coast time.)


Now on to the beautiful orphans in need of a forever family! :)




Yule (1)Yule (2)Boy, born Dec 2009
Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect


This handsome little guy likes to giggle when he plays. He was found outside a hotel gate when he was 6 months old. He is able to walk holding an adults hand and knows simple words, but has difficulty with correct sound production.

Yule is an outgoing little guy who likes to play with other children and will share his toys.He likes to play with cars and blocks and loves to listen to music.His caretakers describe him as an unforgettable good child and hope he finds a family soon. Are you ready to snuggle or play cars with this sweet little boy?



Girl, born Feb 2009
Down Syndrome


Sweet beautiful Burgandi is curious and energetic. She adores shoes and cuddling with her auntie as she strokes her face. She often laughs and teases. She is a good mimic and will often repeat actions or phrases. She is just precious! Burgandi has met multiple traveling families and has left her warm personality and sweet hugs lingering in their hearts. She has a way of drawing love from every one she meets.

Burgandi is bound to bring blessings to a family blessed enough to welcome her home.

Burgandi has a grant of $4200 available through the agency that currently has her file, for qualified families.  (April 2013)



Boy, Born June 2005
Down syndrome (no heart issues)

This very sweet young boy has Down syndrome.   He is well loved by his foster mother and father. He was a dancer in the orphanage performance.   Whenever he hears music he starts dancing.   He was cooperative and happy. He can wash his face if his foster mom gets the towel ready and can do other self help skills.   He can feed himself and. He can pull his pants up and down.   He has good speech and can say many words.   He pulls his chair to the table when it is time to eat and he will clean his mouth after he eats.  He is kind when he plays with other children and does not take their toys.  He likes to run around and play with balls.   He is very curious and likes to watch large machinery outside.   He loves cars and will play with them and watch them out the window for long periods of time. He was described as a “happy, curious and lovely child.”   He is healthy and energetic. He is friendly to others and sensible! He does not have any heart issues.

Single moms permitted, only one parent has to travel.



Andy (1)Andy (2)Boy, Born April 2007
Down syndrome

From a missionary who visited with him in August 2010:   Andy is a sweet boy who has bonded well with his foster mother.  He really enjoys playing outside!

Update from 2013:
Andy is in his 3rd year of Kindergarten (which is the equivalent to USA preschool) and the hope is that he will attend the special education school for the next school year. He enjoys going to the community center on most nights so that he can dance to the music. He is waiting for his forever family to find him so he can dance into their hearts.

More photos available, along with full social history and medical records. Single moms permitted, only one parent has to travel.



Girl, born Aug 2010
Cerebral palsy

She can laugh aloud. She waves her head when happy. She grasps little toys with left hand and put them into her mouth to bite them. She can sit alone for a short time. She looks around when someone speaks to her.

Fern has a good physical state, has balanced nutrition, has a routine life every day, good living habits but is choosy about food.




Boy, born January 2010
Down syndrome


Alan just turned three years old, and although he can stand by himself and crawl all over the furniture, he is not quite yet able to walk. His foster father has been taking him on tricycle rides to strengthen his legs and improve his balance. Alan seems to be enjoying himself immensely!

Alan is speaking some family words such as “mama,”, “uncle,” and “sister” and is learning his colors and how to build a tower. Also, Alan can turn the pages of a book and is quite curious. Based on our reports, we can just imagine this handsome little guy snuggling on the lap of a mom or dad of his very own and read book after book. He will surely be a happy addition to some very lucky family!





KentBoy, born December 2011
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect


Kent is an adorable baby boy who is just 1 year old! He came into care when he was 4 months old, and they began working with him immediately to strengthen his muscles. Kent has Down syndrome, and a VSD (6mm) with left atrium enlargement. He may require a surgical procedure to plug the ASD. Kent’s development is delayed, as would be expected. When he turned 1 year old, he was not yet sitting alone, or crawling. He will need more time, and attention, before he masters these milestones.

Kent is a precious baby boy. He is very alert, and very engaging. His receptive language is very good, and he is beginning to make sounds to communicate with the nannies. His favorite activity is listening to music and being hugged. I cannot argue with that! Kent needs a family to love him, and help him reach his full potential. This sweet boy is waiting for you!




chanceBoy, born August 2010

Chance is a lovely 2 year old boy with the skin condition epidermolysis lax disease. He had blebs on his elbow, knee, ankle and thigh that got better after taking medicine for a week. He also has scars on his abdomen and reoccurring blebs on his forehead, neck and behind the ears, but the condition is not very serious.

His motor skills and intelligence development is similar to his peers. At age 1, he could sit steadily and eat porridge, babble, and imitate simple actions. He learned to stand up by holding onto hand rails and could walk a few steps with support when he was 1.5 years old. Now, he is able to build a tower of blocks, turn book pages, go up and down the stairs by holding onto handrails and can even put on and take off his shoes. He can also understand what the caretaker is saying and can say a few words in Chinese himself. Chance is an energetic and active little boy who likes playing with toy cars and going outdoors. Chance gets along great with other children and is still waiting to find his forever family.




ShawnaGirl, born March 2009
Shawna just turned 4 and has Down syndrome.

Shawna is living in foster family and has built a really good attachment with them. She likes to be close to her foster parents and they love her very much.

Shawna is introverted and quiet. She likes imitating the actions of adults. At home, when her foster mother is doing housework, Shawna will get a cloth to clean somewhere following her mother. She also likes listening to music; when she sees children singing and dancing on TV, she will shake her hips with the music. Shawna also likes drawing, scribbling and writing.

She likes playing with other children, and can get along well with them. She can take care of herself, and in daily life she can express her needs, and the teachers, aunts and mother can understand her meaning.  She can take care of herself, and she can eat without help. Shawna knows how to use the bathroom and she can put on and take off clothes and shoes.




LeahGirl, born January 2010Leah 1
Down syndrome


Leah is an active and curious little girl. According to her foster mom she is higher functioning compared to other children with the same special need. She is able to say, “mama, pa, and DADADA.’ Leah sleeps well and is not fussy about the foods served to her. She does not have a bad temper, but can become annoyed if one does not allow her to grab things you are holding. (2012)





Girl, born June  2011
Hydrocephalus, Cerebral palsy, sinusitis, high tension in the left upper arm


Leila arrived at this institute when she was around 1 month old. She can lift up her head and crawl around on the bed. Her eyes could follow the movement of toys and she could find the source of a noise. She understands when the caretaker calls her name.

Uses thumbs and index fingers deftly, locates the direction of sound/voice, visually follows moving toys. Follows you with moving head from one side to the other, laughs aloud, distinguishes between acquaintance and strangers.





Girl, born May 2009

postoperative hydrocephalus, postoperative meningocele (spina bifida), optic nerve atrophy, Cerebral palsy


At the first sight, we were impressed by her black eyes. Her eyes were big and black, which seemed to talk. As she grew up, we found her hair was beautiful, black and soft. Till now we do not cut her hair. The caretaker likes dressing her and do various hair style for her.

She received the surgery of meningocele and hydrocephalus. Now she is diagnosed as cerebral palsy and optic nerve atrophy. Her motion ability is poor and limbs are not powerful. She can turn over, can lie on the stomach, but can not sit. Additionally her mental development is delayed. She can not speak, just makes some unconscious sounds, she seems to dislike toys and not sensitive to the sounds.  Now she can eat the fixed food, mainly vegetable, meat, egg, noodles, oatmeal, porridge, rice, etc. She also likes fruits. She rarely has illness. She is slight, and shorter than other children of her age.

Though she has lots of disadvantages, she is still a lovely and happy baby. She likes smiling, especially when someone is talking with her and teasing her. When someone is hugging her, she is quiet and listening to adults’ talk, sometimes she touches the person’s face. She likes noisy, always turns her head to the sounds. When no one plays with her, she will be upset and call unhappily.

Though she is a disabled child, she is lovely as other healthy child. She has the same feeling, desires to be loved and cared. We hope she would grow up healthily and happily and she would have a family with warm and love. We believe she can adapt new place and bring happiness to the family. Bless Sarea!  Wish she can find her parents soon and have a family. Wish she is peaceful all her life.





Roarke (1)

Roarke (2)Boy, born June 2010
Down syndrome

Roarke is 2 years old. He is an clever, lovely, handsome boy who does not like crying. He is a cute and favorable boy. Aunts like him very much. He likes aunts kissing her face; and he likes scratch games; he also likes other accompany with him to talk and play. When he is happy he will also wave his arms or clap hands while he will giggle. If you make him put out tongue, shake head, nod and etc, he will do as ordered.

He is obedient, quiet, and seldom cries. Now he can call ba-ba. On Feb.7 2012, he begins study in the early education class. He likes go to school, and quickly he gets along with the group, and he can enjoy himself with other children at school. He likes listening to music, every time when he hears nice music or happy sound, he will be very happy to dance.




FloraFlora (1)Girl, born Feb 2011
Down syndrome

Just look at this little beauty! Flora was found under a tree at the tender age of 3 weeks old. She is able to take a few steps on her own and can walk around using a baby walker toy. She loves to smile and listen to music. She is able to stack a block on top of another, follow simple directions and is imitating adults words.

Flora gets along well with other children and enjoys playing with other children. This princess is adored by her caretakers and they hope she finds a family soon. Are you ready to scoop her up and dance to the music with her?





Alec RRBoy, born May 2011
anophthalmia, developmental delays

Alec is a beautiful darling little boy. He just celebrated his second birthday and is working really hard to catch up with his peers on development milestones. Alec loves sitting in his baby walker, as he still needs support to sit up, and looking at the different toys on the activity functions. He also has a special toy that can be worn like a glove, as his grip is not strong yet. Alec is slowly learning to tolerate more textures in his feeding, and is at present concentrating on soft apple puree. He still needs support for his feeding with a feeding tube. Alec is a cheerful little boy with a bright smile. His condition of anophthalmia is commonly corrected with a prosthetic eye. Alec continues to make progress in his development. However there is a possibility that he will have long term delays. Alec needs the love and support of a family to reach his full potential.
For more information, photos, or questions about Alec, please contact Nathalie.




                 *All of the information you just read about (the kids profilies) were from Reece’s Rainbow website.*



Thank you so much for taking time to read through these kids profiles!  I strongly encourage you to chose one of the children we shared with you in this post and pray for them daily for a week or maybe you might even decide to adopt! ;)


Please share onto your Facebook and Twitter and any other social media you’re on!  You’ll literally be helping save a life!



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